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We are a team of web developers that are incredibly passionate and committed to what we do. With ten years of expertise as a professional Web developer, we have the know-how and abilities required to ensure the success of your project. We take pleasure in every stage of the design process, from cooperation and debate to finalization.

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Sea-IT is an excellent web developer and faultless technician team. they are pleasure to work with, great value for money and will always go the extra mile when necessary.

Web His creative journey started with Web Design. To code his own designs, he learned how to code and has since then worked hard to stay relevant in both fields. For smooth collaboration with clients he is now-a-days using programing languages for designing and prototyping.
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Graphics With a designers eye for details, Sea-IT is passionate about implementing designed into highly interactive experience by paying close attention to details, animations and performances.
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SEO With 2+ years of experience in the Digital industry, he proved that the combination of strategic thinking and expertise will create a fascinating digital experience.
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See What My Clients Say about Me.

Ted Barnet

Adam is a highly skilled developer. His attention to detail and proficiency in various programming languages make him a valuable asset to any project. His dedication and passion for coding is truly inspiring.

Brennan Agranoff

Additionally, the level of communication throughout the project was outstanding. Your team kept me informed every step of the way, ensuring that I was always up-to-date on the progress and any changes that needed to be made.


SeaIT was highly skilled and proficient in the programming languages and tools used in the project. They demonstrated excellent communication skills and were responsive to feedback, resulting in a high-quality final product.

Erik Lasher

Sea-IT is an excellent web designer and faultless technician. He’s a pleasure to work with, great value for money and will always go the extra mile when necessary.

Klaudio Canales

I was expecting at least a week for this task, but he completed it in under 10 hours! Mind-blown by the quality of the code as well. Will definitely recommend

Podcast channel 14

Amazing work!! Best hunter for any bounty. He was quick, easy to work with and helped me with any problem i faced. 10/10!

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